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Developing an IT Strategy is a common challenge among organizations. It requires time, resources, and expertise that you may not be possible to provide while maintaining day-to-day operations. Without a strategy, it is easy to steer off course from organizational goals and create further divide between departments. 

As your partner, we can provide your strategic direction by working in unison with your people to create strategies unique to your business. Developing an IT Strategy will give your organization direction and set priorities, get everyone on the same page, simplify decision making, drive alignment, and communicate your message. Unifying your organization and building a stronger foundation for tomorrow.

Organizational Assessments

Assessments provide you with honest feedback on your organization's overall performance, identify gaps, and provide recommendations for necessary changes to correct operational deficiencies. 

Assure your organization is prepared for the next step and beyond by getting a look under the hood and identifying where your organization can become stronger and better than ever.


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Technical Assessment

Your IT should do more for your organization, but it is easy to fall into a departmentally, disconnected IT structure. An organization-wide IT assessment will identify systems that service your entire organization and create a valuation process for adding new technologies as your organization grows.


Strategy Assessment

You have goals, but are they backed by a strategy that is identified, communicated, and budgeted to achieve those goals? A strategy assessment gives you a detailed look into your current strategy and clear directions to get you where you’re going.


Business Alignment

Align your business with your technical strategy to optimize cross-departmental efficiency, improve communication, and create new opportunities for collaboration across the organization.  


Digital Transformation



Digital Transformation

Customers expect better, faster, smarter products and services; leading organizations to evaluate how they can leverage technology to meet those expectations.

As technology advances, more organizations are facing the need for Digital Transformation. Organizations that haven’t adopted many technological advancements, organizations with disconnected department solutions, or organizations preparing for growth are all faced with the need for an updated Digital Transformation.

Digital Transformation looks different for every organization. It’s unique to your organization’s purpose, needs, pains, and goals. When the right plan is in place, your organization’s IT costs transform into revenue generators by creating exceptional experiences for customers and empowering your people to do more in their day.

Reinvent how work gets done in your organization, empower your people and delight your customers through a Digital Transformation and watch your organization grow.


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Digital Transformation

Virtual CIO


Virtual CIO

You're invested in technology. Being invested in the right technology can be the difference to whether your technology investment is a revenue generator or a cost, a secure asset or a huge liability. Maintaining internal systems and operations can be overwhelming even for small IT teams due to the number of systems in place, leaving little time to strategically plan and keep up with the fast-paced changes in technology.

Adopting Sondhi Solutions as your Virtual CIO provides your organization with the IT expertise to make strategic decisions without the costs of hiring an internal CIO. As your Virtual CIO, we can help set strategic priorities and initiatives, identify ROI, manage your day-to-day technology direction, support strategic vendor relations, and improve network security. Your organization will begin to adapt to changes in technology and competition faster and get ahead of the curve.


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Virtual CIO

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