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Sondhi Solutions Cybersecurity

You've worked hard to build your organization and now, cybercriminals are working night and day to steal your assets, ransom your information and ruin your reputation.  At Sondhi Solutions, we know you need advanced cybersecurity protection. We also understand that  as an SMB or local government, investing in a team of full-time cybersecurity experts can be financially impossible. That's why we've invested in the right people and technologies to deliver a managed security solution that can be delivered without the upfront costs of a security operations center and that can be online in days not months.
  • Our Security Operation Center analysts work around the clock to prevent, detect, and eliminate threats so you can focus on your business
  • We provide customized and comprehensive managed security for any size company: SMB through Enterprise
  • Sondhi Solutions provides the latest in industry-leading cyber security solutions to companies that may have not been able to afford protection before.
  • Based on almost a decade of enterprise-level security and support, we have engineered an affordable, personalized, and scalable solution to protect your digital infrastructure.
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On-demand Security

Threats and attackers target SMBs the same as big enterprise firms, leveraging the same tactics. We provide a security operations center (SOC) that scales protection with your business, providing the staff necessary to drive threat remediation.
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Simple Deployment

Our technology detects all known and unknown threats leveraging the latest behavior-based technology, regardless of where your endpoints are deployed (office, home, airport, hotel, etc).
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Complete 24x7 SOC Services

Implement advanced operations without the need for in-house security expertise. The complete Fortify SOC analyzes quarantined applications and files, reducing false positives and ensuring comprehensive protection. We take care of the challenges of cybersecurity while you focus on your business.
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Incident Response and Remediation

When malicious behavior is detected, our solution will quickly rollback files to previous safe versions through tracking changes in your devices and restoring them to an acceptable risk state.




We believe that all businesses should be able to afford advanced cybersecurity so we've worked hard to curate the best tools and talent to make sure you're covered at the best rates possible. We're committed to transparent, uncomplicated pricing.






24x7 Endpoint Detection and Response for up to 20 devices AdobeStock_316974615 AdobeStock_316974615 AdobeStock_316974615
Incident Alerts with remediation guidance AdobeStock_316974615 AdobeStock_316974615 AdobeStock_316974615
Dark Web Monitoring AdobeStock_316974615 AdobeStock_316974615 AdobeStock_316974615
Monthly Cybersecurity Newsletter AdobeStock_316974615 AdobeStock_316974615 AdobeStock_316974615
Domain Name Service (DNS) Filtering   AdobeStock_316974615 AdobeStock_316974615
Phishing Training   AdobeStock_316974615 AdobeStock_316974615
Annual Comprehensive Vulnerability Assessment   AdobeStock_316974615 AdobeStock_316974615
Quarterly Automated Vulnerability Assessment     AdobeStock_316974615
Incident Response Support Hourly 8 hours/month 16 hours/month
Monthly Pricing $980 $2,450 $4,400
Additional Endpoint Pricing      
21-50 $25 $35 $50
51-100 $22 $32 $45
100+ $18 $20 $35
Infrastructure Device Pricing
Infrastructure devices include firewalls, servers, routers and include 24X7 SIEM monitoring
 $80 $80 $80



Let's talk about your cybersecurity concerns.

Sondhi Solutions' team of cybersecurity experts are excited to learn about your organization's unique challenges and concerns in regard to cybersecurity. Reach out today and let's talk about how Sondhi Solutions can help secure up your environment.