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Sondhi Solutions


Our Story

10 Years of Enabling People & Technology 

Sondhi Solutions made its start in 2009, with a new approach to Staff Augmentation. We wanted to provide clients with the right candidate with the right skills for the right job at the right time for the right price. The definition of 'right' was different depending on the organization we were working with. In order to identify what 'right' meant for each client we have to get to know them, their values, how they operate, and where they are headed. 

In the last 10 years we have added Managed Services, IT Strategy, Application Development and Security offerings, but the constant in the last 10 years, is our focus on our partners and their success because to us, a client isn't a client, they are a partner so when they succeed, we succeed. 

Every solution we build is thorough, thoughtful and unique to our partner's needs. When you work with Sondhi Solutions you are gaining a partner and a resource for any opportunities or challenges you may face as the technical landscape continues to evolve so you can rest easy knowing you're never without a helping hand.

We are in this together.

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We trust our people to be accountable to themselves, our clients and their coworkers by maturely solving problems while holding privileged information at the highest regard.



We expect our organization to commit to resiliency, determination and proactively engaging in doing more than what is asked.



We value facing challenges together with calmness, composure and a fortitude to solve the problem at hand, without regard for recognition.



We embrace a curious nature to learn, adapt and improve to evolve our offerings and solutions in an ever-changing industry.

Our people

A Team of Dreamers

To make our partners' dreams come true, we needed to build a team of dreamers. People that share our values and want to be a part of something bigger than just a job in IT. Someone that can share our passion for creating new possibilities.

Our team makes the impossible, possible every day by working together and thinking creatively to create effective solutions that deliver value to our partners. It is through the diligence, dependability, optimism, and curiosity of our people that we can turn dreams into reality. 

Are you a dreamer?

Join the Dream Team

Enabling Children for the Future

The world we create today, is the world we leave behind for future generations. Technological advancements change the way we live and work. We are passionate about enabling children for the future by providing access to educational resources, inspiring curiosity, and supporting children's development organizations that empower children to pursue their passions and confidently enter the workforce. 

It is our hope that we can provide all children the opportunity to learn and explore new ideas. 

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We're Growing

Indianapolis is home to the Sondhi Solutions Headquarters and is the city we were founded in. As our partner's have grown across the US, we opened an office in Phoenix, AZ, in 2019, to better service our partners in the Southwest. We are looking forward to adding more office location in the coming years. 


Indianapolis, Indiana

Phoenix, Arizona